You're here because someone you know and trust recommended me. I don't work like a typical Realtor®. Your home will likely be your largest investment. Whether you are buying or selling, it's just too important to leave to chance. My strategy is simple: Meet you with you to figure out the best strategy, then employ my years of experience, relentless diligence, and industry connections to make it happen. 
It's critical that we are a good match to work together, so here are 3 things I think you need to know before reaching out: 
  1. I LOVE questions. All questions. This is a big deal and I want you to have answers to anything you're curious about or don't understand. 
  2. I believe that good information leads to good decisions. I will not only provide you with as much information as you can handle, but also challenge your perceptions and assumptions to make sure you're making the best real estate decisions you can. 
  3. If I were an airline, I would be Delta. I'm on-time and deliver the best customer service. Yes, there are cheaper options out there (but 95%+ of the time my fee is completely paid by the seller) but in the long-run I provide the most value. 

I won't bore you with a resume (though I'm happy to provide one and references upon request). If you'd like to meet up to see if we're a good fit for your needs, reach out below: 

Take the First Step

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