Eichler Living Room

You'll Want to Meet Rick...

I represent a client who has dreamed of living in an Eichler home, just like yours, in either the Fairhills or Fairhaven neighborhoods. Finally, his life circumstances have aligned and he's ready to go! Unfortunately, there is VERY LITTLE (and by "very little" I mean next to nothing). Architectural home are my specialty and I've met many of you before!

Rick is not an investor looking to flip an Eichler. He's looking for a new place to live. He is an all-cash buyer. If you are considering selling your Eichler, or perhaps you just aren't sure, this is a great way to avoid all of the typical listing hassles. No strangers rummaging through your home. No weeks of preparation. No open houses. No stress. This is just one man who would like to buy your home. 

Stephen Meade - DRE: 1378749

I'd like to know more about selling my home to Rick...

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